Diego Lowenstein, the CEO of Lionstone Development, has an explorer’s wanderlust, a rock star’s passion for music and a hotelier’s eye for hospitality.

Lionstone Development has been a staple in the Miami hospitality scene for five decades, but building luxury hotels and condos was never really part of the plan.

After Diego Lowenstein’s grandfather escaped Nazi Germany and resettled in Argentina, the family patriarch created a flourishing beef business. He expanded the family’s holdings in 1966 with the purchase of the White House Hotel in
South Beach. That deal sparked a hospitality and residential development business that’s now in its third generation, with Lowenstein in his 15th year as CEO.

“Our hotel business started a little by chance and not by design,” Lowenstein, 49, said from his sunny Lincoln Road corner office, surrounded by lion figurines and beaming with pride as he retells his family’s story. “Not a lot of families can say they’ve been in Miami for 50 years. It’s a testament to our values and our commitment to the market through good times and bad.”

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