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Alejandro Ballestin

As Vice President, Business Planning + Feasibility of Lionstone Development, Alejandro Ballestin is responsible, through a disciplined professional methodology, for researching, analyzing, evaluating and underwriting new opportunities and transactions.  He is also involved in the strategic planning of the company’s rental operations and overseeing Risk Management for the company.

Alejandro began his career at Arthur Andersen and later moved on to several large multinational corporations including Marathon Oil, Hitachi Corporation, Pricewaterhouse and Baker Hughes where he developed an expertise in corporate finance.  During his Pricewaterhouse experience, Alejandro held the Director position and led the Business Process Outsourcing Division. As a professor, he lectured on topics such as Financial Statement Analysis, General Accounting, and Auditing. He graduated from Lomas de Zamora University in Argentina with a degree in Business Administration and is also a Certified Public Accountant.

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