Our dedication and passion have allowed us to develop and own a world-class portfolio of hospitality, mixed use and gaming assets. Through our Consulting + Asset Management Services, clients will benefit from our decades of know-how in these sectors and have a friendly and attentive resource that understands what it truly means to be an owner.

Brand Selection & Advisory Services

Understanding the market and its players is vital in the hospitality industry. Lionstone has worked with an extensive range of hotel management companies and has a deep understanding of hospitality markets.  We have the experience, resources and capabilities necessary to guide our clients through the brand selection process, an essential step in the development process that is often mismanaged. We also assist our clients with negotiating management contracts to ensure that they succeed in avoiding the pitfalls along the way.
  •  Business Strategy & Concept Development
  •  Hospitality Brand Selection & Negotiation

Project Evaluation & Feasibility Services

A consistent trait of successful developers is the ability to accurately understand, assets and manage the risks of potential projects.  Since its entry into the hospitality sector in the 1960’s, Lionstone has become known for its thorough feasibility studies and investment analyses.  These vehicles have allowed Lionstone to better understand projects and avoid the pitfalls that have plagued other developers.
  •  Feasibility Studies
  •  Investment Analysis

Debt & Equity Sourcing

In the current economic environment, many companies still find it difficult to secure an appropriate balance of debt and equity for their projects.  Lionstone’s extensive experience in the capital markets allow us to assist in sourcing the suitable capital structure for your development from banks, institutional investors, mezzanine lenders, or private equity.
  •  Sourcing Capital & Financing
  •  Project Underwriting

Development & Construction Services

We pride ourselves on being able to provide peace-of-mind to our clients by executing all of our responsibilities on time and with precision. Nowhere is such a process more important than in construction, where the smallest mistakes can have dangerous long-term consequences. Lionstone offers a proven system, which has allowed us and our clients to deliver high quality projects in a timely fashion and on budget.
  •  Owner Representation
  •  Acquisition Due Diligence
  •  Budget Preparation and/or Analysis
  •  Concept Development and Project Planning
  •  Project Development Team Selection and Management
  •  Design Management
  •  Construction Management

Operations & Hospitality Asset Management

Our seasoned team of hotel management experts understands that in order to maximize profit for our clients, we must ensure that a hotel’s assets are being managed properly and efficiently.  Lionstone has extensive experience in Hospitality Management, having both self-managed its own properties and asset-managed properties operated by some of the biggest names in the hotel industry.
  •  Operational & Financial Reviews
  •  Profit Optimization
  •  Capital Expenditure Analysis
  •  Operational Diagnostics
  •  Pre-Opening Support
  •  Hospitality Asset Positioning and Repositioning

Property Management

From experience, Lionstone understands the importance of properly managing a property- be it commercial or residential. We find ourselves in a great position to help other firms implement the same practices that have allowed Lionstone to succeed in its own projects. We tailor property management agreements to meet the needs of individual assets, focusing primarily on retail shopping centers, office condominiums and office buildings. 
  •  Leasing Management
  •  Billing & Collections
  •  Financial Reporting
  •  Contract Negotiation
  •  Tenant Relations

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